Our Vision

To provide unparalleled education, to open the doors to the global community, and  enhance the empowerment of individuals to be adaptive, progressive, through an affordable practical Education in relation to their communities.

Our Mission

Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) is a higher learning Institution that fosters Innovative Educational Programs, in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the global community by providing traditional, distance and lifelong learning experiences for its learners toward the award of associate degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates and certification that empower learners in activating human capacity development, equity, and social justice in a global community. 

NAAC assists learners in accomplishing this feat through transferable credits, vocational, technical, career education and developmental programs to produce globally competitive citizens that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion to impact the global community. 

About NAAC

By its mission and vision the Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) inculcates unique values that include aspiring for excellence as an embodiment of the true dignity of humanity which is a radiant indication of accomplishment. 

At NAAC, students’ options from the outset either follow the American path  or the Nigerian path way of educational system. For the American path way, students complete a two-year(sixty six credit hours) associate degree, taking stipulated courses in the degree plan of NAAC. 

For  those students who may choose the Nigerian pathway, they may proceed to Nigerian universities to complete their degree programs in two or three years depending on the requirements for a bachelor's degree of the Nigerian University. On completion of an Associate degree in NAAC, Students may have the option of transferring to any four year college / University in the United States of America or continue in NAAC to complete a bachelor’s degree within 18-24 months. 

The Nubian American Advanced College will have openness, diligence, diversity and inclusiveness underscoring global citizenship and equality which underpin the golden rule and equitable dealing in the world community.

Our Mission Statement

Nubian American Advanced College offers  Associate degrees, diplomas, certificates, certification, and Continuing Education programs.

Nubian American Advanced College is an inclusive community where diverse students are supported to pursue and attain student success. The College provides solutions to challenges, utilizes the latest techniques for preparing the workforce and provides clear pathways for completion of programs of study, transition to universities under articulation agreement with NAAC, and securing employability.

The College affords opportunities for individual growth and expression and promotes the development of the total person through scholarly and creative activity and the application of knowledge for the good of society. NAAC ensures a relationship between education, industry and the society/community and National Development.

The curricular and co-curricular activities at the Nubian American Advanced College are positioned to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and involved citizenship that encourage the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, experimentation, and excellence in all human endeavors. They prepare graduates for entry-level positions, for advancement in various occupations and professions, for a broad understanding of the liberal arts and sciences, and for transfer to Baccalaureate (degree) granting Institutions. 

Strategic Initiatives

In order to fulfill the mission and make progress toward the vision from 2021 to 2025, the College will focus its efforts on the following Strategic Initiatives which represent the areas of focused improvement.

The Initiatives/Objectives are College-wide plans to make progress on each initiative. 

Improved recruitment, enrollment, retention, and completion rates for our students. 

Objective 1. Tailor degree and certificate and certification programs to meet the needs of our students.

Objective 2. Educate students about pathways to graduation.

Objective 3. Enhance student preparation for academic success and completion.

Objective 4. Provide a student-centered environment that leads to student success.  

Our Support System

To support the success of all students to meet their Educational, and Career goals. 

Objective 1. Attract and retain traditional students; while also focusing on retaining non-traditional students.

Objective 2. Minimize the equity gap for access, retention, and graduation rates.

Objective 3. Identify and provide clear pathways for traditional and non-traditional students to meet their goals.

To support the success of students using technology

Objective 1. Implement an early alert program to identify and notify students of support services and programs in a timely manner.

Objective 2.  Provide robust Distance Education programs that may combine options including face-to face, online and remote.

Objective 3. Enhance technology for teaching and learning through professional development.

To offer excellent programs that lead to degrees, diplomas, certificates and certifications  in Allied Health Sciences and Technical fields. 

Objective 1. Increase the number of degrees and certificates awarded in the Allied Health Sciences and Technical fields.

Objective 2. Implement a plan to target outreach of working professionals in Healthcare, Oil and Gas and Advanced Manufacturing and Agriculture

Objective 3. Create collaborative partnerships with industry leaders in the Oil and Gas, Food and Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Allied Health Sciences, Business, Finance and Technical fields.