- Dr Azhinoto Ikpah PhD, MPA

Interim President

- Ven. (Arc.) Kiri Wakama BES (Hons), MED(Arch) Unilag;

BA (Ajayi Crowther University) MA (in view)

Ag. Vice Chairman of Council

- Patrick I Oyinkari DBL, MBA, LLB, BL

Ag. Company Secretary/Legal Adviser

Professor and Ag. Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Support Services

- Nojimu Adetunji Amusa MSc, PhD

Professor and Ag Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

- Mobola Fashola (Mrs) MBA, MCSE, MCP

Ag. Vice President of Global and Corporate Affairs

- Okezie I. Aruoma MBA, PhD, DSc, CChem, FRSC, FAAPS, FACN, MIoD

Professor and Ag Vice President of the US Office

- Osiyale Olufemi Babasola BA (Hons), MEd, DSc, FCIM, FIDP, FCICN

Ag Registrar