Rev. Jerome Ringo

The Founder & Chairman Zoetic Energy. &African Union Goodwill Ambassador in Washington DC.USA

Jerome Ringo is the founder and chairman of Zoetic Energy, a leading edge renewable energy developer. Zoetic is the culmination of Mr. Ringo’s life’s long work to promote sustainable development through the use of clean technology solution. 

He is an internationally recognized thought leader on global environmental issues and has led two of the largest environmental organizations in the world, the 6-million-member National Wildlife Federation and the Apollo Alliance, which was a 19-million-member organization during his tenure. 

In addition, Jerome was featured in Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning Documentary, An Inconvenient Truth and has co-authored two books: Diversity and the Future of the U.S. Environmental Movement (published 2007) and The Green Festival Reader (published 2008).