School of Business Administration, Hotel & Restaurant Management 

At the NAAC School of Business Management, efforts are geared towards   providing a high-quality, American-style business education. The Associate degree to be earned from the school offers a broad range of Career opportunities. A management student acquires the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, organize, make decisions, lead, and communicate effectively in work settings. The programs both local and global perspectives, helps promoting critical thinking and develop effective communication skills. Our program in Accounting provides the opportunity for entry into a career offering numerous, different, and challenging paths. The School will offer programs in hotel and restaurant management and prepare socially responsible, culturally aware students for success in an ever-changing, global hospitality industry through rigorous academic programs informed by faculty research and meaningful industry engagement. 

The School will offer an Associate degree (specialized business degree programs in hospitality) in hotel and restaurant management, hospitality management, global hospitality business and hospitality administration, respectively, as well as a minor in beverage management and marketing. It is a known fact that there is an incredible career opportunity around the globe in lodging, restaurants, catering and events, casino, spa and club management, food safety, conference services, hospitality technology, sports and entertainment venues, marketing and social media, tourism, revenue management, wine, and spirits distribution. Given the centered interest in the food and beverage industries, so our students will spend quality time learning basic cooking, food safety and knife skills, as well as the business and operational side of the restaurant industry either before or after they complete a culinary program.  The hotel and restaurant management we prepare graduates as leader in the hospitality and entertainment industry.


Department of Accounting

  • Accounting, AA 

  • Accounting, AAS  

  • Accounting and Finance, AAS 

Department of Business Administration 

  • Business Administration, AA 

  • Business Administration, AAS Marketing 

  • Digital Marketing, AAS 

  • Marketing Communications, AAS 

  • Marketing Management, AAS 

  • Business Administration, AAS – Banking and Finance 

  • Real Estate, AA 

  • Residential Property Management, AAS 

  • Information Systems Management, AS 

  • Transportation Logistics and Management, AAS 

  • Railroad Operations, AAS

  • Sport Management, AS 

  • Entrepreneurship, AAS 

  • Sports, Recreation and Event Management, AAS 

Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management 

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management, AA 

  • Hospitality Management, AAS (Meeting, Conference, and Event Planning  Concentration)

  • Hospitality Management, AAS (Food Service Operations Management)  

  • Business Technologies, AAS – Hotel Restaurant &Hospitality – Event Planning and Management Option

  • Culinary Arts Technology, AAS 

  • Baking and Pastry Arts, AAS