NAAC Purpose

The name “Nubian American Advanced College” (NAAC) was adopted as a result of the fact that the college is being patterned after the Community College system operating in the United States of America, where Students are prepared for two years (freshman & sophomore-level at a majority of Public and Private Universities, offering a similar course) under strict scrutiny and credits obtained are transferable to the University of their choice in order o obtain the desired degree.

The acronym NAAC embodies the attributes of the College in terms of:  

  • Excellence

  • Innovative

  • Quality

  • Creativity & Empowerment

Our main objective is to provide academic preparation of the best quality to our prospective students.

  • To ensure that our academic Programs are disseminated through an outcome- based Learning procedures within an accelerated time frame/ individualized study pace.

  • To encourage Students to have access  to inquiry, free interactions and exchange of ideas among Learners, Colleges Administrators and Staff of NAAC.

  • To combine theory and practice which will prepare Professionals for leadership roles.

  • To grant Students the necessary support to complete their programs of study successfully and overcome obstacles.

  • To at all times maintain our excellent pedigree and reputation.

  • To grind into our Students that sense of confidence and self reliance which will enable them have access to various opportunities available via information outlets / channels, the World Wide Web, private and public entities, in this ever-evolving global community.

  • To maximize the use of Information Technology, to be at the leading stage and cutting the edge as a pace setter, In both traditional and virtual/online Higher Institutions.



At the Success Center Counseling services are available to Students through scheduled appointments. Any student who has selected a major Program of study is strongly advised to visit the Counselors that are assigned to that area of study. The Counseling services assist the Students as part of the matriculation program. Students are helped in clarifying career choices and life goals.

They are also supported in developing appropriate   program of study based on goals, aptitudes and interests. Please call the Counseling department for the schedule of the day.


When students have questions, the online live chat, email, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and in-person orientations will provide answers through an introduction to academic programs and  support services to help you succeed.