Student Life

NAAC offers many opportunities to grow outside of the classroom. To get the most out of college, students are encouraged to participate in the cultural, social, enrichment and recreational activities offered through Nubian American Advanced College. Some of those activities include:


Extra-curricular activities provide Students with opportunities for the development and expression of special interests and abilities, for acquiring social graces, for practicing the mechanics of group action, for developing leadership, and for recreation. Multicultural affairs allow the Student body to experience different cultures that co-exist in the world around them. 

All Student organizations and activities conform to the educational objectives and administrative regulations of the College. These organizations are approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs and are sponsored by a Staff member. Participation in certain Student activities requires enrollment in a credit course and, in some cases, auditions or approval of the Instructor.  Included in these categories are the NAAC Pioneer Band, Choir, Chamber Singers, and Inter-Collegiate athletics.


Nubian American Advanced College offers Inter-Collegiate competition in men’s baseball, men’s and women’s Basketball and women’s volleyball.  Students interested in participating in these sports should contact the athletic Director or the coach of the specific sport.  Scholarships are available.


Student organizations at Nubian American Advanced College vary from year to year in accordance with changes in Student interests. Current organizations are described below.


The primary purpose of this club is to provide both intellectual and practical knowledge for Students to participate in outdoor activities, ranging from, but not limited to, back country hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, and swimming. The secondary purpose of the formation of this club is to facilitate the building of camaraderie or community between the Students at NAAC, through group participation in strenuous and enjoyable outdoor activities.


The purpose of the club is to bring together business and accounting oriented Students of Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) for social and professional gatherings that will provide opportunities for education, networking, and otherwise enhancing their opportunities in business.


Is a select ensemble of vocal members.  The group specializes in the more difficult choral literature of all periods, as well as contemporary music including folk, jazz, and pop.  Students who have had previous vocal experience are invited to audition.  The Nubian American Advanced College (NAAC) Choir makes an outstanding contribution to the cultural life of the area through performances before conventions, school assemblies, and service organizations.  Officers are elected annually to arrange many of the choir’s activities. Each year, the Choir presents a performance of a major choral work and tours area high schools, other community and junior colleges, and public gatherings throughout southwestern Nigeria. Membership is open to all Students through audition with the director. 


The purpose of College Young Life is to embrace the students of NAAC and provide them with the opportunities to improve community relations, promote unity, develop character, encourage leadership, and cultivate Christian fellowship among the Students, and Staff of NAAC.  Current NAAC Students in good standing with the college are eligible to join Young Life. Membership is open to all denominations including non-Christians seeking to gain an understanding of Christianity. All NAAC Students,   and Staff are welcome to attend Young Life’s non-denominational Bible studies (check with the campus Young Life Advisor for meeting time and location). 

THE HUMAN SERVICES CLUB is an organization with goals of promoting the general welfare of Students majoring in Human Services, providing additional career supportive opportunities, improving School and community relations, and stimulating Student participation in encouraging others a sense of empowerment through their volunteer efforts in Student/community engagement opportunities within a number of communities.

THE PIONEERS IN PROCESS TECHNOLOGY CLUB organizes to promote enthusiasm for process technology, increase awareness and motivate fellow students.